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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Thurs 10.21 @ Party Xpo

UnCMJ 9:00 – BEAST MAKE BOMBS (Brooklyn) 9:45 – TV BUDDHAS (Tel Aviv, Israel) 10:30 – MAGICAL MISTAKES (Brooklyn) 11:15 – THE PHANTOM BAND (Glasgow, Scotland) 12:00 – JANGULA (Brooklyn) should be interesting! party xpo= 929 broadway brooklyn new york. take the M to Myrtle-Broadway. It’s right there off broadway. woohoo

Saturday, October 16 Columbia Uni. ADP Literary Society

Oct. 16 Night Time 114 Street Manhattan (check for the ADP brownstone) Magical Mistakes + Brenmar (house producer, member of These Are Powers) + Laurence Berkowitz + Papa George starts at an acceptable evening time. Magical Mistakes on at 11PM free for everyone. yay i’ll be groovin it up.

Upcoming Show: Thurs. Oct 21 @ Party Xpo

Thurs. Oct 21 TV Buddhas From Tel Aviv, Israel Beast Make Bomb Magical Mistakes Jangula UnCMJ Fest. 9PM to 2AM ish Party Xpo 929 Broadway Brooklyn NYC

Big Space Trip as yet untitled tune

Space Beat Trip Love (still untitled) by Magical Mistakes Getting crazy over here.