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Creative hermit time and party planning.

I’m currently living a forest in Kyushu. The village I live in is very small. Over a 20 kilometer area there are a total of 3,300 people. It’s pretty awesome. I have rededicated myself to new recordings and new musical explorations. I am trying to take sound and rhythm and production to some strange places. […]

Magical Mistakes May/June Stuff

On 6.7.11 I will put up my new album for download via bandcamp. There will be CD-Rs available at shows too. They look real pretty. Two tracks will be put up here in the next few days. On 6.10.11 I will play at Club Nuooh in Osaka for the Innit electronic party. And Vice Versa […]

Goodbye New York

My last show up here is going to be the 24th of February. 1AM @ Party Xpo (now called Xpo 929). Info on that event is here. An interesting six months of sleep deprivation, service industry workaholism, and neurotic music endeavors, nonstop. I then will take a few weeks to head back to California, and […]

Magical Mistakes 2/7: all-electronic set @ Cakeshop

I’ll be opening up the evening this Monday Feb.7 at Cakeshop with a Magical Mistakes funtime electronic set, and also playing drums for another project called Vassal States. START 8PM MAGICAL MISTAKES NIGHT EYES BOY WITHOUT GOD VASSAL STATES MORE INFO HERE Or HERE

January 19 @ Bruar Falls

Bruar Falls = 245 Grand St. Williamsburg 9:00 – Magical Mistakes 9:45 – Beacon 10:30 – Help 11:15 – Steer I go on early time. Also another project I am drumming for called Vassal States has shows this month Jan. 6 @ Pianos NYC, Jan. 10 @ The Delancey, Jan. 12 @ Zebulon and Jan […]

Magical Mistakes November 28th @ Pianos NYC

♥FRΣΣ ΣN†RΨ♥ //////////////////////////// ▼The Magick Report | ▼Boats | ▼Magical Mistakes | ▼FOOD S†ΔMPS (DJ Set) | ▼Yrbrainondrugs | ?ead !dea (DJ Set) Side A | Side B | \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ +++more 2b announced+++

Thurs 10.21 @ Party Xpo

UnCMJ 9:00 – BEAST MAKE BOMBS (Brooklyn) 9:45 – TV BUDDHAS (Tel Aviv, Israel) 10:30 – MAGICAL MISTAKES (Brooklyn) 11:15 – THE PHANTOM BAND (Glasgow, Scotland) 12:00 – JANGULA (Brooklyn) should be interesting! party xpo= 929 broadway brooklyn new york. take the M to Myrtle-Broadway. It’s right there off broadway. woohoo

Saturday, October 16 Columbia Uni. ADP Literary Society

Oct. 16 Night Time 114 Street Manhattan (check for the ADP brownstone) Magical Mistakes + Brenmar (house producer, member of These Are Powers) + Laurence Berkowitz + Papa George starts at an acceptable evening time. Magical Mistakes on at 11PM free for everyone. yay i’ll be groovin it up.

Upcoming Show: Thurs. Oct 21 @ Party Xpo

Thurs. Oct 21 TV Buddhas From Tel Aviv, Israel Beast Make Bomb Magical Mistakes Jangula UnCMJ Fest. 9PM to 2AM ish Party Xpo 929 Broadway Brooklyn NYC

Saturday: Party Xpo Brooklyn | Sunday: Nurse Betty Lower East

Yo dudes Got a Magical Mistakes show this Saturday at Party Xpo in Bushwick. Usually starts around 9:30 and goes til 2. I reckon I’ll be on sometime within that period. Expect to get a bit groovier then usual. Sunday I will be playing drums accompanying Jarvis Earnshaw at Nurse Betty in the Lower East […]