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With Love

Read the accompanying article on Osaka via Impose Magazine

Cold and Beautiful

From the Astronautico ‘Atlantic’s Volume 2‘ Compilation and INNIT Volume 6 Compilation

Special Friends EP

Special Friends EP is a collection of collaborations, remixes, and two original tracks put together over the last 6 months.

Now living in a sparsely populated village in the mountains, I’ve found myself with an abundance of inspiration and time to further explore production. This is a taste of what I’ve been working on.

I’m particularly excited about the roster of people who were involved with this release– Melissa Sweat (Lady Lazarus/California), Jordan Lee (Mutual Benefit/Boston), Kubo Masayuki (And Vice Versa/Osaka) and Wong Lip Chin (visual artist in Singapore). They are all fantastic in their own right and I was excited to get creatively engaged with such a wide variety of cool people.

Really Pretty Rainy Day download

@Innit Volume 4

Really Pretty Rainy Day by Magical Mistakes
This is the track I contributed for an INNIT compilation. Now you can download it. =)

Keepin’ it real

Here’s some media from the party last week. Pretty nuts.
Japan Times

New Innit Comp. New MM tune.


I’m happy to be involved with some talented people here in Japan. Here’s a track I contributed for Innit–Next party is 11/12/2011 at Club Nuuoh/Osaka. More Info

Kuhn Remix. Also Kuhn is way cool….



“In anticipation of the 12”/digital release of debut ‘Slime Beach EP’ on Civil Music on 11/7, Kuhn presents a 4-track promo EP centered on single ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ with remixes from Magical Mistakes and Obey City as well as an alternate dub from Kuhn himself.

‘We’re Gonna Make It’ is a love song set in space. Warm vocals and guitar lifted from the solo output of Zombies lead singer Colin Blunstone are reconfigured around a halftime shuffle, with static snares, lazer blasts, and persistent lower-than-low subs setting the pace.

Kyushu, Japan-based pop bass maverick Magical Mistakes passes the original through constantly shifting acoustic environments, crunching through tears in time and space until settling into a triumphant, melodic finish, while Astro Nautico compatriot Obey City’s remix targets the club, reinforcing the original’s drums with a thunderous 808 workout adorned with glamorous synth bell glissandi up top.

An alternate dub from Kuhn closes the EP with a crescendo of Hell-broken-loose screaming detuned saws that releases into a peaceful, undulating reprise of the original’s celestial idyllics.”
We’re Gonna Make It EP (ASTR007)// PREVIEW // Free Digital Out Now on Civil Music & Astro Nautico by Kuhn

My current live incarnation

Magical Mistakes CD-Rs for all you in the US

That’s right. My buddy Jordan Lee aka Mutual Benefit runs a nice little collective of likeminded coolkids called Kassette Klub. I put together some CD-Rs and want you to order them (for the price of shipping only!).

Exclusive Track on smokeDONTsmoke mixtape

Tim over at Smoke Dont Smoke put together a nice little summer mixtape. He asked me to contribute an exclusive track and so I happily obliged! It’s a heavy tune.
Check out the post here